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Welcome to my latest wordpress plugin. Why another plugin for photos? (It is already so difficult trying the different types of gallery and deciding which to use)

Out of frustration for an easy and quick way to insert and display pictures in posts (without crudely hacking Exhibit or PhotoPress plugin).
Out of some influence by userfriendness/competition shown in PhotoMail(yahoo), MSN Spaces(microsoft), Hello to Blogger(google) on how you could share ur photos easily.
Out of some inspiration by some gallery plugins – Exhibit, PhotoPress.

This plugin is not created for setting up a gallery. It comes from my need for inserting photos into my post quickly and simply in the least amount of steps. I feel that plugins I tried does not satisfy what I needed. People who have storylines with photos would like this plugin.

So I create and name my plugin “PhotoZip” which means “Publish a folder of photos, simply by zipping them up and uploading”. Look at my test post and example on how to use PhotoZip.(you can treat this as a tutorial too)

So PhotoZip becomes a quick but dirty way which would work for me perhaps others who don’t want the same with trouble me. Quick, because it is tested on my slow server (Pii300Mhz). thumbnails generate in the fastest time, but with less quality.

More warnings… Needs no zip support in apache/php but Requires “un-safe-mode” or allowed safe execution dir for unzip.

Status now:
Uses QuickTags
Tested with ChenPress.
Limited features, Low security.

Unzip the photozip folder.
Check variables – $pz_popup_link in photozip.php,
$pz_photofolder,$pz_thumbs_med_maxwidth,$pz_thumbs_med_maxheight in manager.php (make sure your script has write access to $pz_photofolder)
Upload folder into your plugin directory.
Activate plugin.

1. Create/Edit Post, click PhotoZip button. 2. Upload Zip file of your images. 3. Click insert.


Picasa xml support.
FCKEditor plugin?
Over writing into existing directory support..
This as a feature in perhaps photopress or exhibit, other plugins or even wordpress.
Nicer appearance
Delete feature
Selection of photos and method to be inserted

In short, PhotoZip is a quick and dirty method for uploading images into my post. Use and try at your own risk! However, I love to hear any comments you have.

Download it now.
version 0.2
version 0.3

32 thoughts on “PhotoZip Plugin

  1. What are the premissions that need to be set? I have installed the photozip folder in my plugins dir, and it will not upload the zip folder. Anything else I need to do?

  2. hi,

    the idea sounds very good, but i have some problems installing photozip.
    i can upload photos but it never comes to the second window. Somewhere in the progress of uploading it always gets stuck. The window just doesn´t change.
    Proably i have some problems with the installation instruction too – i´m a bloody PHP newby… . Still there isn´t much to do and i think it should work.
    Do you have an idea what´s not working???
    I would be pleased about some help – this plugin is just what i need…



  3. I have installed PhotoZip and it works fine for some zip files, but for others I get the message “Unable to run unzip”. I think it stops working when the size of the zip file gets too big. I have four images, and it works fine with zip files containing 1, 2 and 3 images, but not when I add the fourth.

    Is there a maximum size for a zip file? It works for a zip file 1788kb, but not with one of 2391kb.

    Thanks for your help

  4. Hi david,
    The problem you are facing is more of a problem with PHP Upload Limitations which is 2MB default.

    To find out more, visit this page.

  5. Chris, I do not know whats the source of the problem. Do you see the page which says “Processing …”? Do you have javascript enabled?

  6. Hi Zz85,

    yes I see the processing page – but it always stops at the first image an doesn´t show the others. I have Java in my browser enabled – do I have to enable javascript on the server???




  7. I tried installing your plugin. I activated it fine and gave full permissions to manager.php and the upload photo directory. After uploading an image, it shows a broken link. When I’m on my FTP I see it created a directory (and two thumb directories) but there are no image files anywhere. I’m trying to upload a 100k jpg file. Any ideas?

  8. I need help!
    I have 2 sets of files for photozip.
    manager.php & photozip
    one is a regular file and the other one are unknown files types.
    I just uploaded the folder and made the manager.php to 777
    as well as the photo folder but it still doesnt work. i dont know what else has to be done because i am a true newbie.

    i using the red train pages.
    and my site is

    Can you please help me.

  9. oh by the way what plugins are you using for your calender and spell check. those are the last two issues that i have to deal with.
    Thanks Again

  10. Hi,
    feel like a dummie (and maybe I am) for not get this right.
    I get the “No photo directory. Make sure your script have permissions.” all the time.
    I´ve changed pz_photofolder to “$pz_photofolder = “../../wp-filez/zip-photos/”;” in the manger.php My blog is at the root of my domain…


    A : )

  11. Hey, I like the plugin, its doing the job nicely for the quick and dirty stuff.

    A few things that I may like, listed by order of preference:
    * Set thumbnail size in the manager.php window itself (i.e. if Im uploading a lot of images I can set it to 100, if I’m uploading 3 I can set it to 250 etc…)
    * Set what leads, is inbetween and after the images. I’ve put in a quick hack to do this as I want it.

    Things I especially like about this plugin:
    * Only having to point it to the zip, it makes the folder unless I specify it
    * Use existing folders of images and make thumbs from them

  12. Ive tried using photozip and iimage browser together, and for some reason, iimage browser fails to open its window when the quicktag button is pressed when photozip is loaded, any help?

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