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“Huh?” – A Short Piano Composition

“Huh?” is a short piano composition I came out with last week. It is not delicated to anybody in mind but you can view, download or print the score for free or listen to the computer generated midi.


The long story: I went up to the piano with one day without anything in mind but started playing some tunes when i least expected it. I quickly grab a pen and paper to jot down some notes in case I forgot them and recorded this song on my netbook, everything done almost in a sitting.

Of course writing it down and typesetting it actually takes a lot more time. typed the piece of music using the software MuseScore 1.9.6 beta, a great free music notation software. I later save it as a lilypond format which was more familiar with me for tweaking the nice finishing touches for music scores layouts with the help of jedit lilypondtool.

Like several of my songs, I think it sounds a little nostalgia (like “Who am I” which Reuben Kee arranged and used for his musical). Then again, I wasn’t really expecting to compose any thing on the piano that day which prompted me to title it “Huh?”.

I got a mixed bag of reactions to the piece. Some say its sounds classical, some says pop, some says a mixed. Some thinks it from Chopin Ballet, or Granados Spanish dance – Andaluza, or a little Japanese, Korean, Amelie soundtrack sounding, some feels its too happy, too sad, etc. You get the idea. I think much would be coincidental and subjective to the listeners.

Some suggestions by my friend Gerald – playing the harmony with broken chord pattern instead of the oom-pah bass will make it sound “more fluid”, and “less static”. He also suggest arranging the melody on the flute with a harp accompaniment in broken chords, in which after I just found out from my harp friends its difficult for lever harps to play keys with 5 flats.

Have fun trying out this piece out and let me know if you have other comments.

p.s. Since I’m on the topic of music, do let me know if you want to attend the nusso concert on 19 march friday evening 2010 at VCH. Details here and here.


update: the audio generated by musescore can be heard here. http://soundcloud.com/zz85nus/huh-1
or http://soundcloud.com/zz85nus/huh-recording for the original recording.