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Reading Week Updates

Its now the reading week, and since my polytechnic days, the reading/study week is usually most relaxing to me.

So before the exams start, its time to catch up with some updates.

+ NOC Application got approved
NOC Scholarship Offered
NOC is the opportunity that NUS gives for me to study entrepreneurship modules at Stanford while working me to work at Silicon Valley a startup for a year full time.

The company who offer me the internship position is Copacast, a company with a revolutionary online advertising model. I accepted the job because Copacast’s president Clement was enthusiastic it would be much beneficial to both myself and the company to be an my intern there.

+ CS2250 Video Project
Video Project
The fictional documentry we created.

+ CS2261 Project
Enterprise Java projects with use of RMI, IIOP, EJB 3.0, Servlets, JSPs, and Message Driven Beans.
First Cruise Enterprise Web App

Uninstall Java EE SDK
And uninstalling Java EE SDK as soon as my assignment presentation was over :p

+ 2 Piano Performances
Piano Teacher and I
Winnie, My Piano Teacher and Me.

+ Piano Exams passed!
Piano Exams Passed

+ Completion of CS3216 Assignments
My Music and Poster
My Music Facebook Project teammates.

My Music
It was a great experience, although at times it drive us all cranky.

As usual, some plans for my “holidays” start even before school term ends. I try again not to over pack myself with activities, and I hope there would be a balance for my schedule.

But right now, I just know I really blessed.

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;

Eventful Weeks

The past weeks (not over a month) have been pretty eventful (writer’s side-thought: eventful sounds more positive than busy?).

(usual projects, schooling, concerts, performing and weddings… yadayadayada…)

So to shorten, the more important events (to me) are:

  • NOC interview
  • New facebook application: Boombasheep
  • NUSSO Concert: Flame of the Night
  • NUSSO Elections
  • Piano Exams

NOC interview
I’m grateful to be able to attend the 2nd interview. Questions asked were similar to the 1st, but I felt my responses were better during the 1st interview. Still, the interview teaches me lessons and gives me experiences, and the least I tried was to show my determination. Lesson from my dad remains- pray, try my best and expect the least.

is the name of the latest facebook application I developed together with Lester Chan, and my Zi han, my OG-mate. The objective of the game is simple and in fact brainless: a bomb is created with a time to explode, and so the parcel gets pass around. The idea came from Chua when we were sharing ideas, then I decided it was feasible. Although it was meant for my 3rd assignment, my personal objectives deviate from the assignment’s, but I believe our team were largely satisfied with the outcome.

Flame in the Night
Mr Lim and Me
Photo with our conductor, Mr Lim
Before this concert was NAF Opening concert, but this concert had the orchestra and committee preparing at least half a year ago. Although some might expected better, it was still a great experience for everyone and myself at YST‘s concert hall and comments have been positive. The concert was also reviewed on The Straits Times. A pleasant surprise was I personally didn’t really expect my siblings and friends made out over 10% of the hall’s capacity (thanks for coming!). Photos here.

I got voted for Welfare Secretary post. Its my wish that I’ll be able to contribute as in the best of my capacity for the best of everyone.

Piano Exams
Something that I wanted to be over and done with since last year, and today’s the day. I feel indebted to many- first to the many friends who often encourage me. Auntie Fong who first persuaded me to take on, and buying the exam book for me, Uncle Yeow Whye, Auntie Alison who sponsored the exams, and recommended my teacher to me, my teacher Ms Winnie for her care and patience in these few quick and brief months, my parents for sponsoring the lessons fees, and my mom especially for encouraging me so much beyonds words and actions. The first piano exam in my life, things feel far from ideal, what only was familiar is the courage had to gut down failures when it comes again: hence preparing the worst is my unwritten plague to try again until success. (However, Auntie Alison cheerful declared my exams pass over the phone :p)

These are the times, stressful, challenging and trying. I ever thought if I would lose my sanity. Thanks be to God whose grace is sufficient for me. Battles continue with mid-term exams and assignments for the next 4 consecutive days. While the future and the many outcomes lies unknown, trust and hope needs to be learn.

Facebook Musical Wall Application

In less than a week, together with my teammates released a wall-like facebook application for our 2nd assignment.

My Facebook Music Application

The difference? Instead of the usual messages and links, videos & photo attachments, users get to record or create their music by clicking on a virtual 3d piano before sending to their friends.

Application Description Link:
Application Link:

Main Page

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Main Page
Piano Studio
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Piano Studio
My Music
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My Music
My Wall
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My Wall
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Current features include:
+Playing on a virtual piano
+Playback and save the music played
+Send it to a friend’s wall
+Share the music with other users
+Download music as a midi file
+Convert to RTTTL ringtone format
+View and playback music on your own wall

Not forgetting my capable teammates. “)

And for those interested: Here’s a link to the javascript version of the flash piano I experimented with.


Happy Lunar New Year!

School Started Updates

Hi all,

First of all, for those who are interested in my timetable.
Semester 2 Timetable

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My Timetable Year 1 Semester 2

Here’s this semester, compared to last semester.
Semester 2 Timetable
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Previous Timetable- Year 1 Semester 1

Hislide Flash Issue Fixed
Hislide popup images usually get covered by flash objects, and the fix to it is to add wmode=”transparent” to the embed tag. Photos taken for my last concert Miniatures can be viewed.

Fotobook Problem Solved
I was running into some problems important facebook albums. I was getting
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 15728640 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in [...] /wp-content/plugins/fotobook/facebook-platform/simpleXML/IsterXmlNode.php on line 234. I fixed this problem by replacing the php4 facebook client library with php5 client. I’ve also added jquery chilli plugin and scripturizer on this blog, but I’ll skip the elaboration.

Facebook Hello World (with Flash, Fbjs, Fbml, css, ajax and ElizaBot)
Random Beautiful Flash Text

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Random Beautiful Flash Text Generation on Canvas Page

View my application page here or visit the canvas page here.
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Hello Alice World Profile - Chat Dialog

Actually a challenging part of this was setting up and configurating a Solaris 10 Zone. I thought of trying rails, but with some restrictions I didn’t carry on that idea.

I’ll be leading a project- a epublishing business, with nextfusion.

Things are getting busy and stressful but I hope I’ll be able to manage.

2008 New Year Updates

well nothing much has change. Things are moving on at a constant (or maybe pretty fast) pace that I do not feel a full reset. I still feel some new year symptoms for example when noticing the heavy congestion on the roads after work- due to fact adults are getting back to work and students back to school.

Modules Bidding. School reopening in 2 weeks time and I’m torn to which path to take. The technicality of the Computer Science stream seems to entice me, but my Diploma in Business Informatics seems to set the path for Information Systems. Anyway I bidded for 5 modules, which seem quite pro-IS :

  • CS1231 – Discrete Structures
  • MA1505 – Mathematics I (aka Horror Maths)
  • CS2261 – Enterprise Systems Development
  • CS2250 – Fundamental of IS
  • CS3216 – Software Development on Evolving Platforms (aka Facebook Module)

Blog maintenances. This blog has been advertisement-free since it started (>2.5 years?). Since there were suggestions of getting a little pocket money due to a steady amount of visitors here, I compared Google Adsense, and some regional advertisers- Adverlets, Nufflets, Nuffnang. Since Google is more reputable, I’m trying it. I customised the ads not to be too obvious, and can be found in a small section/widget in the right sidebar of the page.

You might notice I’ve have been playing with some other widgets in the sidebars. I’ll be adding scripturizer (js version), some interesting stuff (get hints from my next post) and trying to clean up stuff which is not working.

Also, I’m involved with OpsFly (Operation: Financial Literacy for Youths), in the IT team and its site will be at Not much content is up for now and work will have to be done.

Next month would be my piano exams, and I’m involved with a concert this month- I ought to spend less time with computers and more time practicing music.

Updates & Thanksgiving

As year 2007 comes to a close, just a quick look back and some updates.

I’m having internship, as mentioned before, and so far its a nice, fun and learning experience. The environment at work, feels more like my final project in poly than my industrial attachment I had.

Who whould imagine going on Facebook is my job?

My 1st year 1st semester results released on boxing day. I must say I’ve been satisfied, that my grades is satisfactory, of a very average CAP, that would be a yardstick for my performance keep me, and hopefully to keep me humble and work harder. Now what is left is to reconsider what path to major on, and to decide the modules for next year.

Psalms 47:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

I’ve coded an integration that laid out my blog posts in 2007 on Timeline using MetaWeblogApi last night, but time is running tight so the post on it might just have to wait to the new year. Both using that and K2’s ajax archive navigation makes it easy to recap what have been done this year.

Although it seemed not much is done in the year, time passes faster than that I feel, one single important event is that I’ve stepped through quickly from my army stage into my study stage.

Back @ Home

I’m finally back after spending most of my nights away from home after exams.

The time spent at Tanjong Puteri camp was very good and time passed quickly. There was recreational time, where I retouched soccer, basketball, table-tennis, squash, and swimming. Food and space was abundant, but more the fellowship I enjoyed, and the opportunity to listen to the many touching testimonies. Messages by Rev Tan and Yong impacted me the most, and the theme on Nehemiah, was clear as if I was brought there with a time machine.

Today would be the start of my internship with ByteSquare which would carry on into my 1st week of my next semester. I’ll be working on MyHomeTone and the FaceBook platform. Hometone is a Call & SMS service which allows international calls (to your handphone) and sms at a cheaper rate.

Activities, experiences on my new job would be written at my separate developer’s blog.

Busy Exciting Holidays

Although exams are over, life’s not a single moment less hectic than school term.

So here’s the track for my trip from KL back to Singapore on Aeroline on Monday.

Tuesday to Friday is Music Camp in school, where there’s fun practicing music, playing games, attending Masterclasses, eating, talking, running to and fro places, losing sleep.

Lots of moments are going on other than myself eg. Brother’s back from Malaysia & Daddy’s going into Malaysia. Next Monday we are going in again. Then Christmas, then new year, then work, then school’s reopening.

Too Exhausted to Sleep

was what my sis said we would be on the way back from Sentosa.

My last exam paper ended today near 8pm after a 2.5 hours struggle against time. I spent over an hour trying to work out 1 qn just to fumble through 32 questions in the remaining 1-and-a-half hour.

So after exams, took a bus to HarbourFront and took this (MRT-like) train ride from Vivo into Sentosa for my first time. At least 2 years since I was last there and there are many changes.

Having no proper meals and starving already, I had my fill stuffing myself with pizzas, cakes and more.

Everyone took this Luge and so I bought the tickets to go up with everyone for their 2nd ride. The skyride was nice! You can to see the skyline and the coastlines, see your feet go above the roads and and trees, and sitting on a seat held on only by a cable. So people scared of heights, do be prepared. Then from the top, the luge is a little mixture with Go-Kart and a bicycle or skateboard. Just gravity, steering and brakes. I happened to record my coordinates using GPS, but in order not to clutter this post, the GPS stats and photos will be in the next post!

There’s tons of stuff I have on my TODO lists (infact many of them thought of in the midst of my exams), with some on the priority like replying emails, filling my lecture notes for this semester so on…

Anyway I’ll be hitting up Malaysia tomorrow night, be back for the Orchestra camp, then JSM family camp, then enjoy Christmas and New Year plus perhaps work a few additional projects.

My life’s excitement always starts after exams!

In Memory of Reuben Kee

A talented designer, potential game developer, 3d modeler,
a brilliant pianist, an aspiring game composer and musician,
a team leader, a sportsman,
a friend.

Reuben Kee

I couldn’t remember exactly where we met, but perhaps for a reason-music and an object-piano, we got to know each other and shared our interests.

In my faint memories, I believe I was a freshman in NYP, while Reuben was a year my senior, and we were going to perform for a graduation ceremony. He was playing solo on the piano, while I was playing in an ensemble.

“Are you nervous when you perform?”, I asked.
“I do not admit I’m nervous”, was his answer, and as time go by I understood more of that statement.

Both of us were in NYP’s Piano Ensemble, where he was the President before he graduated. We had the chance to perform in numerous occasions, and perhaps his biggest accomplishment was composing and directing a musical. Although his piano training stopped at grade 3, the skill he displayed with despite imperfect techniques at the piano always impress and win crowds. His towering figure and hammering with fast speed on the piano makes me relate him to Rachmaninoff. Surprising, despite his size, he way he speaks to me is usually soft and in fluent english. The music he played were usually his own arrangements from computer game music and anime soundtracks. His natural talent for music allowed him to play by ear, and coordinate different rhythms in both his hands with ease. At his home, he showed me works he perform and create on his Yamaha Clavinova. After Reuben’s National Service, he updated me that his career path was composing music.

Perhaps for one thing others might not remember for, but I remember he was the one who often designed beautiful posters, published them, and pinned over the notice boards in NYP, not only for piano ensemble but for the Dragon Boat club. Not only was he active in piano ensemble, and dragonboat training, he joined the cannoning activities in NYP. A reason why he enjoyed dragonboating and the training, he told me that an advantage he gain from the training was he gain much built and weight, much fitter than the skinny him when he was in secondary school. During his NS days, he continued to row in SAFSA, and he said he will continue to row.

During our NYP years, he would be training at least 3 times a week, and walking through the sports complex I usually see him training, and we would exchange greetings. Academically, we were in different schools- he was in School of Design, I was under IT, but we often pass each other at labs. Therefore, the interests we shared went beyond music and sports, and eventually much into design and technology. A little thing we shared in common, was playfulness. However, in NYP unlike usual ourselves, both of us experienced getting into trouble with the school discipline separately. In his case, perhaps he had to extend his stay in poly for a few more months.

There’s was a time, despite both our busy project days (Reu was working on a game for SAF for his final year project), we meet up and he showed me his lab and his work. I showed him how he could access his work back from home. I couldn’t remember because of that he helped me model a simple 3d teddy bear, when I was then still unfamiliar with 3d Studio Max.

It was interesting with the different paths we took, we still bump into each other in occasions during our NS days like traveling to our respective camps.

He must had his way to deal with his popularity, since he never put me aside and tell me he’s busy. His works he post online had great demand that he always faced trouble with exceeded bandwidth on his webpage. I introduced another friend (from now who was able to provide the capacity in storage and bandwidth he needed and his site stayed on until now. On his sites, are his recordings of his music, see some of his flash in action, and links to his mugen interest, and at the most recent, youtube videos. He devoted time to mugen, its a 2d vs style fighting engine (like street fighter) and he managed to create one of the best AI (artificial intelligences) for the characters (and perhaps only his reflexes could defeat his AI he created).

There could be much more to say, and much more to know by reading the papers and from others who would know him better than I do, just that this is a account of our friendship.

On the news flash the shocked many Singaporeans, was that 5 members of national dragon boat team were missing after the boat capsized. They had completed a race in Cambodia for a festival, a wave hit them, and all fell into the water. 17 members were rescued and treated for injuries. On Sunday, bodies of 5 missing members were found.

That night the bodies were found, I logged on friendster (something I do only in a blue moon) and there were 3 observations.
1. There were hundreds of farewell messages for him.
2. He posted a photo of us which I did not remember seeing it before.
3. Last login showed: “2 Days Ago”.

me and reu

When thinking of Reu, I wondered how was his final moments like. Perhaps the impact was enough to give a knock out, perhaps a current were dragging them, perhaps fatigue after race render him unable to keep afloat. 12 years ago, I experienced drowning, but I was saved and it was my turning point in life. During those moments, my life flashed through my mind. I do not know however what exactly reu experienced because it wasn’t me, but now 1 thing is certain. For reu, it was his final point in life on earth.

I know not how to carry on in this post, so I would quote my friend’s post after someone she knew passed on.

It reminded us of how fragile we are even when we think we’re invincible at times. We so often assume we’ll live to a ripe old age, but in reality, our lives are not in our hands.

Life is short. Do you know where you’re headed? I sure hope you do.

For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time, and then vanishes away (James 4:14).

Finally, we ought to know and remember

Salvation belongeth unto the Lord

(Psalms 3:8)