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Ajax Spell Checks

Now even though that having QuickTag toggled FCKeditor (ChenPress) allows wp-spellcheck to work, I have some recent findings on the net that make DHTML/XMLHttpRequest/AJAX spellcheck thats makes me excited.

At first, Purely dhtml spell check would be ispell (for IE) and those integration of spellcheck plugins for WYSIWYG Editors (MudBomb, HTMLArea, FCKeditor…), but now…

1. See this very cool DHTML spellcheck which check your spelling while u type (like word, something i wanted in the first few posts in my blog) and its demo

Its code is implemented via js and cgi perl and aspell. (shouldnt be a problem if you want to port it to php)

2. This implementation done using some ajax library (CPAINT or SAJAX) and php (and pspell [with aspell wrappers])

Usage: click spell check to start the spelling check (like gmail’s)

3. Of this AJAX SpellChecker mention in 2, a wordpress plugin was then packaged by m0n5t3r (

4. A nice working implementation of a Ajax spell check that should not be forgotten is the Spell check included in Gmail.

5. I modified the ajax spellcheck mentioned in 3 and 2 and then packaged and place it here. Download it here. :)
Current features

  • Just copy, activate and you get your spell check activated for writing posts and comments

More info here.


  1. The nick m0n5t3r is a form of 1337(leet) jargon
  2. Using eAccelerator (improved of mmCache) and free/better alternative to Zend Accelerator does seems to speed up my php pages alot (each page is served ~1s compared to 4s) by caching compiled php.

Note: Click on Check Spelling to do the spell check.

Update on Another AJAX idea

Another AJAX idea.

So I named it Live Sidebars. As in my later post. I started using SAJAX and after 2 days I gave it up (using it as a plugin), although I made some progress showing/hidding using ajax. Then I went on to do “Live ‘Posts’”using sack.

Now for some sites which have codings for expanding/contracting or showing/hidding items here are some.
A show hide (sidebar) gadget. Works using cookies and server side programming.
CollapseIt WP plugin. Uses javascript with divs.
More Info tabs. Which was inspired by
Look at the cool sliding “more infos”

So, already so many implementations out there using show/hide. But no ajax yet, does that means there’s no need for it?

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I have tried out 2 WYSIWYG Editors Plugins for WP.

1 is based on HTMLArea, another TinyMCE. Both are not bug free, so what would be the best choice?

Do it like the dreamweaer style split view, 1 textarea  to show the WYSIYG editor, another the html source.
I still like the quicktags thingy and maybe some winks and smiley.

I’m taking a look at the latest mce editor and fckeditor and maybe freetextarea (and their plugins) to see what could be the best scenario.

As usual, some other wp user would have more experience that i do. FCKEditor as WYSIWYG Editor for WordPress


So I’m still inside it.

To ponder upon.  What if 2 WP plugins uses Sajax? or just even 2 wp plugins using ajax? now there seems to be no/or some problems as most are using different individual libraries. How can i fuse them together? Will there be a need for SAJAX for WP again?

Now if ajax is used for comments eg. it asks for updates every 5 seconds? Can javascript detect when the user switches to another window so ajax browser will stop requesting and resume only after window has focus on user, saving precious bandwadth and processing.


From the author of Twilight Universe, he created at least 2 good plugins. Touched and Autosave.

Here from his Sack of Ajax, he points out why he chose to use his own library over sajax or dojo.

I’m silly to be trapped by my own contraints spending my whole night on a single library. Its time to for a change, I wanna create application as fast as ajax, there are better stuff to do.

[testing touched – is there touched for nested comments?]

Sajax WP Plugin…

My first attempt at creating a WordPress for Sajax … failed.
Download it if you like but dont think it will work.

I failed to do understand how it works before jumping in to create a plugin. Serves me right. The design of sajax is such simple in a way you would include in every file rather than a plugin.

So much for my first attempt at creating a plugin.

Another AJAX idea.

These are ideas for AJAX.What ideas can be used for wordpress or its plugins? As perhaps mentioned before

  • Spell check
  • More accurate post read counter or habits tracking
  • Auto saving while creating post
  • Read More under posts

AJAX plugins certainly do not appear in dreams. Current examples are

  • Live Calendar
  • Suggest / Live Search
  • AJAX Shoutbox (WordSpew)
  • Count My Clicks
  • WordPress Touched

Now what is my idea? The answer is customising the presentation. A while before, desktopmod webby made a nice impression in my mind as each module/section of their webpage are like windows which u can minimise or close. Then I sure there are many implmentations done already like in brainjar or how popup menus are done in DHTML. I would like my blog to have lots of functions yet simple, without clusting the space (like now), if not it would look like some news site, portal or CMS. Example, shoutbox would take up someheight, so do Top posts, unread comments, calendar, whose online so on… I could use javascript to contract and expand them, but the catch is the browser would need to download all the content first. With ajax enabled, only when a section is click to be expanded, content will be pulled from the server, process any php if needed and displaying almost immediately on the page.Implementation wise, state of the expanded items can be stored in cookies. Content of each portion can be stored as javascript variables (lifetime of a request cycle), stored in cache (cookies), or made to refresh periodly. We now should have seen enough ideas of AJAX, more should be implemented. This shouldnt be too diffcult, I shall try to do this as my first plugin when I’m free sometime this week!

Easy workaround/fix for an AJAX problem

In a comment to my previous post  Navigation Calendar, I mentioned encountering problems using LiveCalendar when accessing my blog from different domains.

In the followup of comments by Jon (author of livecalendar) and Kae (the orginal kalendar author), we agreed that the problem is caused by a security protection prevent javascript to request calls to "other" sites.

And as I noticed, for many google sites that require ajax, they would redirect you to their perferred domain, thats where I thought a redirection would be a easy fix.

The addition of the redirection script was also a copy and paste from

And you get redirected to my preferred url, so LiveCalendar seems to work without problem.

See my modifed kcalendarscript.phps source.

Possible next stop? auto-detection of permalinks for LiveCalendar.