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Bloggin Updates


I started this blog some time during May 2005 primary to try out the wordpress platform with a “Hello WordPress” post I must have deleted some time later.

Like many hobbies I have, I dived in without much planning or considerations. As a result, I have never really seriously considered nor decided the true intent of this site and develop it in that direction.

Yet this site sometimes served as an outlet, a thought fill-land, an experimental platform, a diary, a developer’s journal, a showcase, and perhaps to some an update channel and a preferred medium of communication. Then in the last year or so have I updated this site so rarely that I imagine if being a friend who visits this site periodically, I would be so disappointed. (feeds may solve this problem but my statistics show not everyone uses this.) At least for friends whom I communicate via phone calls, emails, im, twitter especially facebook, you would have heard more frequently from me but I do know that some out there are not on those channels. This is perhaps one of my weakness, abandoning much things around myself. I hope that some may understand me and forgive any irresponsibilities I have.

The way I see my blog now- untidy, unorganized, unsightly, abandoned but fragments of my presence left behind on cyber(junk)space. It takes much more effort to upkeep it then abandoning it, but I do wish its would be the former.

If you are still reading this, I would really like to know who you are. Reach me via the channels you can contact me at :)

p.s. Or you could just see this post as another attempt at saying “Sorry for not updating. I have abandoned my blog, yet not too abandoned that I made this post.”

2008 New Year Updates

well nothing much has change. Things are moving on at a constant (or maybe pretty fast) pace that I do not feel a full reset. I still feel some new year symptoms for example when noticing the heavy congestion on the roads after work- due to fact adults are getting back to work and students back to school.

Modules Bidding. School reopening in 2 weeks time and I’m torn to which path to take. The technicality of the Computer Science stream seems to entice me, but my Diploma in Business Informatics seems to set the path for Information Systems. Anyway I bidded for 5 modules, which seem quite pro-IS :

  • CS1231 – Discrete Structures
  • MA1505 – Mathematics I (aka Horror Maths)
  • CS2261 – Enterprise Systems Development
  • CS2250 – Fundamental of IS
  • CS3216 – Software Development on Evolving Platforms (aka Facebook Module)

Blog maintenances. This blog has been advertisement-free since it started (>2.5 years?). Since there were suggestions of getting a little pocket money due to a steady amount of visitors here, I compared Google Adsense, and some regional advertisers- Adverlets, Nufflets, Nuffnang. Since Google is more reputable, I’m trying it. I customised the ads not to be too obvious, and can be found in a small section/widget in the right sidebar of the page.

You might notice I’ve have been playing with some other widgets in the sidebars. I’ll be adding scripturizer (js version), some interesting stuff (get hints from my next post) and trying to clean up stuff which is not working.

Also, I’m involved with OpsFly (Operation: Financial Literacy for Youths), in the IT team and its site will be at Not much content is up for now and work will have to be done.

Next month would be my piano exams, and I’m involved with a concert this month- I ought to spend less time with computers and more time practicing music.

In my last post, I mentioned that my email address needs to be updated (for those who emailed >2 years ago). This time couldn’t redirect to this blog and needs updating.

I tried to login dyndns to check my dynamic domains account and weirdly my account has been deleted. Anyway it seems that current network would be terminating its domain.

So I re-sign up and got as a url shortcut. Yes, for those who bookmarked this site, still works. One last exam paper to go, taking another break now!

RSS Feeds Aggregator

RSS issn’t the new kid on the block (5 years since I heard of it), but its time to review what I know about it. RSS, Really Simple Syndication, or is a combination of XML and Web Services ideologies. A small subset, yet huge in its practicality.
“Feeds” if used like a noun seems to be a synonym to RSS and if thought
as a verb describes webpages feeding your computer with information. An
aggregator or a reader pulls or get “feeds” with data, organise and
present them to the user.

Here’s four reasons why you should use RSS.

1. Check sites for updates (or not).

2. Information Quickly.
3. Get Content without the Clutter
4. Organisation!

1, RSS allows you to see check your favorite sites for updates without all the manual clicking. 2, You can see new(/old) subjects and perhaps extract at a glance. You get information quickly because all information is consolidated. 3, You read the contents in a consistent manner, and avoid the different fonts, layout, bad designs, and links getting to their pages. Maybe RSS is an alternative to your web browsing. 4, You organise information in a meaningful way, in a task oriented, or just the way you want it to be.

In short, time savings and productivity!

Here’s some type of content you might use RSS with.
1. Blogs
2. News
3. Updates

My observation: Before social networking boom like Facebook, blogs were the majority procrastinators paradise. Anyway, lots of time would be spent just going through your list of friend’s online diary. RSS can help you cut down the time on that. News feeds update you with the most current affairs. RSS’s a good way to check updates on communities you are interested.

Where you can use RSS.

1. Browsers – IE . FF . Opera, Maxthon,
2. Widgets/Plugins/…
3. Client software
4. Mail Readers
5. Web-based

Over time has RSS applications evolve while others adapts. 1. Almost all modern browser (and their wrappers, addons) supports RSS whether with a reading pane, or just as improved bookmarks. 2. Desktop widgets, web plugins (for WordPress or Facebook maybe) supports them. Web desktops like iGoogle, myYahoo, live would support feeds. 3. If you prefer a dedicated software try the free, multi-platform RSSOwl or look at some of the huge lists around. 4. Mail clients being the perhaps the no.1 work software, would now include RSS support as a way of “working”. 5. A method of solving the problem of reading your feeds everywhere is to implement it online. Here an review on some of the best web rss clients. Knowingly or not, web sites are using RSS behind the scenes eg. Google News.

Now to get started, lets use Google Reader, the web based RSS reader. Much improvements since I first used it, here are their powerful features and some useful tips:

1. Adding sites
Their quick add button allows you to throw any site URL, and Google reader works behind the scenes to find the feed, extract the RSS and add it to your collection. Most blogs nowadays have would have RSS, in case Google don’t find feed on some blogspot sites are perhaps because they set their privacy for Google to ignore. just add /feeds/posts/default
and the feed is added. eg.

2. Add tags/folders
Group your sites. Example blogs, news, games so on… You could click on a category to show you all stories from the sites in that group, just like each reply in a Gmail conversation.

3. Import/export your feeds.
Dump all your sites into GReader or dump them into a file if you wish to switch to another application.

4. Personalise your feeds.
It easy to add large lists quickly and loose interest soon because of information overloading. Go slow but steady. Add pages which are interesting but not your site hangouts into a separate group so important sites to you won’t get
And lots more!

Get read-feeding!

About Me: Here lies the world’s sleepiest…

Decide to change the caption from the About section in the sidebar


I floating here amist my dreams.
Whacha reading is my sleep talking.


Here lies the world’s sleepiest animal, and NUS’s sleepiest creature.
In this blog, I write only as clearly as my dreams dreamy.

I’m not trying to be poetic but here’s the break down if it doesn’t sounds too sound. (Please excuse any accidentals puns)

Here lies– This sounds almost like an engraving on a tombstone “beneath lies” but no, its referring to the little photo.

world’s sleepiest animal– Thats the shy little animal in the photo, a koala, which sleeps up to 22 hours a day.

NUS’s sleepiest creature– That’s me. I’m in NUS now and I love to sleep. You might already guessed the reason for my nick Zz85.
1. Its a lazy nick (just 4 characters)
2. It means lots of “zZzZzzZZzZZz”s for sleeping.
Thats why I got to be linked here.

In the 2nd line, its just an excuse for my low quality of writing, nothing much more.

Since I mention about sleep again, this is a opportunity for you sleep-struck readers to find out a lesson about waking out when the clock alarms.

Notes From Myself For Myself (Part 1)

27 June 2007 Wednesday.

I separated from my campmates as we go on our separated ways home. My bus reached Bukit Batok Bus Interchange, and I took a walk into West Mall. A text came from a ORDed friend, saying he has a gift from Hong Kong for me. To stall time waiting for him to arrive home, I went into Bukit Batok Community Library and borrowed a few books quickly. 1 was copy writing, another resumes, a book for writing autobiography and one for writing journals.

Side story about my library fascination: My mum used to bring me to ang mo kio’s library when I was young even though traveling time took at least 30 mins. (there was where I read about computer programming.) I was a librarian 3 years in my secondary school days. I spent countless time in Yishun library when it was built no more than 50m from my home! After O’levels while working, I made it a point to visit every branch of community library in Singapore – I believed covered almost everyone of them. NYP library was a place we inhabited during exams period, while some studied, some eyed for girls)

Trivial: Spelling and Languages are still one of my worst abilities! Some friends think I’m dyslexia.

The book that caught my attention, “Notes From Myself”, subtitled “A Guide to Creative Journal Writing” by “Anne Hazard Aldrich”.

My impressions reading the book, was it teaches you what is journal writing, the benefits and insights, and provides interesting notes and excerpts from other authors and journal writers. The book gives tips for writing, and also reasons to make you do so, and although journal writing would be a mile different with blogging, nevertheless its a read to make you reflect how you write.

Listening to the Morimur album while reading took my thoughts and feelings back and forth many places while I try to complete the book before the due date. Morimur album, btw, is recording done by Christoph Poppen and Hilliard Ensemble rendition of (a remixed) Bach’s Solo Violin Partita and Vocal Music. It has a modern idea, yet a very nice baroque, bach feel.

Back to the book, the last chapter made me reflect on the words of eleventh century scholastic Richard of St. Victor:

A man, who has not yet succeeded in seeing himself, raises his eyes in vain to see God. Let a man first understand the invisible things of himself before he presumes to stretch out to the invisible things of God…
for unless you can understand yourself, how can you try to understand those things which are above yourself.

Online Diary

Weather: Cloudy

I stumbled across this chinese webpage (when searching some chinese terms) where user can write their diary online.

The webpage may not be well designed (visually), yet I found it very interesting because of the simple way of presenting its data/facts.

As a online diary, user selects the mood they feel for a particular post, a sad feeling? a happy feeling, a loving feeling so on. An icon shows the weather for the date- sunny, rainy, so on. The post made displayed on a background with letter lines, and writers could insert pictures or icons. As I peep around some of the posts, they are surprising short- the chinese language makes it possible to express alot, in detailed, in a few words.

I’m not a one who writes diaries or journals (even when our teachers wanted us too), but the site has gave me the feel and look of a diary. Although I suspect there would be plenty of better, nice and good webpages which provides dairy writing service, I’m not searching for them currently, but bloggers who blog entirely in the diary style might be interested to look for sites as such.

My Valentine Day

So, my wordpress upgrade broke. Not as easily as I thought it would be.

Not exactly the site broken down, but the upgrade wasn’t successfully, or at least it was what I thought. 1 file advance-cache.php was missing, and Akismet plugin could not be found.

1st problem was simple, just needed to comment few lines from wp-config.php

Then time to use my backups, and the phpmysqladmin kept refusing my compressed backups. After copying to txt file to a windows machine to zip it and upload again, it timed out and couldn’t resume importing on my next upload.

This led me to install mysql on my own machine to view it. So the backup dump was 40mb, and at least 35mb was the storage spam comments (I forgotten to clear them). So I installed my wordpress files and database onto my local server and run spam karma to delete all the junk. Now it was possible to upload as a plain text file and the server didn’t time out.

After alittle raw database editing, I run the upgrade script, but still no sign of Akismet plugin, and repeated the steps (starting with deleting and restoring my database) all over again with no avile.

I made a fresh wordpress installation on my local server to see how it looked like after a sucessful installation. Then I deleted all my themes and plugin files from my webserver. After this it worked and hard work paid off. Now this blog is running wordpress 2.1 and K2 v0.95 theme. Now when time permits I’ll release a plugin to preview inline html code

It span over a few days for this upgrade, including the day (after taking off) and night on valentine’s day, that I have to be spend time with this computer.

My mom once jokingly said I would marry my computer, and my PC became my valentine this year except its such a strained relationship.

$103.40 Shopping Spree

at Queensway IKEA plus $16.20 taxi back home, with the help of my father and cousin to carry the stuff up to our home.

Ikea Stuff

Tall Shelf $29 FLARKE N BOOKCS
Super Pinkish $35 SNILLE CHAIR
4 90cents Bokis Book-Ends
Zip-able Strikt Cd box with Lid
Simple Lyclig box with lid
Simple Fixa Tool Box – 3 Sharp Trojka nn Scissors
Black with Zig-zag OMSORG SHOEHORN
5 White FLYT MAGAZ Holders
5 Brown Coloured Lingo Magazine File Holder

A little shopping therapy feels good.

Installing… Blog Improvements

1. Anti-spam.

For a quick, easy solution to be tested first, Bad Behaviour is installed. Take a day or 2, and I’ll see the results.

Next line defense, if I have to try is Spam Karma 2.

2. K2 Theme

Or the Kubrick 2 theme. The old version of kubrick, which is not bad, comes installed with WordPress 1.1

Now with K2, wow, the blog turns high-tech, with its powerful features (of which i dreamt) with its compatibility with other don’t-miss-it plugins at the snap of fingers.

Now due to those brute forced plugins I had with my previous themes, the site has couple of issues (as usual). Plan A? Import K2 into previous theme. Plan B? Migrate all features I had into K2. Meantime, i’ll enable theme switcher again.

Click here to use K2 Theme
Click here to use Landzilla Theme

another update. I have started to use SK2. Next solution if needed would be secureImage