MrDoob Approves – A Javascript CodeStyle Editor+Validator+Formatter Project

Near the close of the year 2014, I had an idea (while in the shower): write a little webpage which gives you the answer to “does mrdoob approve your code style”.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.28.24

Often times three.js gets decent pull requests that requires a little more formatting to match the project’s code style. Myself would have been found many times guilty not adhering to code style, but in the past when there were no guidelines on what it was, mrdoob and alteredq who would reformat the code their own.

Today we have slightly better documentation on contributing and code style but code style offences still happen pretty regularly I guess.

Therefore the idea was to simply use a browserfied build of node-jscs together with Mr.doob’s Code Style™(MDCS) preset (developed earlier in the year), and make it super accessible on a website. One thought was to buy a domain name like, along the style of some “questionable” domains eg.

  1. (html5 features in browser)
  2. (popular webservices)
  3. (almost anything)

So that’s how name and github project “mrdoobapproves” came about and I tweeted about it shortly.

But I thought there were room for improvements from this initial idea, so I created a github repository and applied some “Open open source” approach I learn’t from Mikeal Rogers.

Gero3 who is another awesome three.js contributor (who had previously contributed the mdcs preset to node-jscs) hopped on board and in just a couple of days (over the new year especially), we have merged 20 pull requests adding more awesome features like autoformatting and releasing version 1.0 –

So I guess that’s the long story short. I could possible talk more about the history, but if you’re really interested you could piece things together reading,, and I could also go into why people would love or hate Mr.doob’s Code Style™, but for now I would say if you read too much dense code, trying out MCDS might be a fresh change for you.

There is also more to talk about the implementation of this project, but for now I’ll just say it is built with codemirror and node-jscs (which uses esprima) which are really really awesome libraries. There are also slight codemirror plugin additions and auto-formatting is based on gero’s branch of node-jscs since auto-formatting is coming to node-jscs.

For those who are interesting in js code formatting, be sure to check out

  • jsbeautifier – Almost defacto online JavaScript beautifier
  • JSNice – Statistical renaming, Type inference and Deobfuscation
  • jsfmt – another tool for renaming + reformating javascript using esprima and esformatter.

In conclusion, I think this has been a really interesting project to me and great thanks to Gero3 who has been a great help. I think this is also an example that when a topic (code styling) is usually be contentious among programmers, rather than complaining or debating too much, it is much useful to build tools to fix things and focus on things which matter.

So what’s next? Its nice to see some usage of this tool on three.js and perhaps one additional improvement is to hook up three.js with travis for code style checking.
Also if anyone’s interested to improve this tool, check out the enhancement list and feel create new issues and pull requests.

Finally, in case anyone missed the links, checkout

1. The demo
2. Github project
3. The 1.0 release