Quick Update + A Collaborative Music Notation Software

A quick look at my last post shows that I’ve not touched this blog for about half a year.

I have however continued time to time to write short notes on facebook which reminds me that I should repost them here.

Since the last year, I’ve graduated from the University of Singapore and as my final year project, I build a collaborative music notation software prototype.

To summarize the project in a nutshell, it is a web application that allows you to write, edit, save, play music using a simple point and click interface. It runs simply using your modern web browser (firefox, chrome, safari, etc), and possibility on mobile devices on your iPad. It works whether you are online and offline, it would synchronizes so you won’t lose any data. Its real time and collaborative nature allows you and your friends to edit a document and watch each other work on it at the same time.

If I could describe it in simpler fashion, I would like to call it a Google Docs for Music. It kind of started with a prototype using html5 canvas in dec 2009. So the project made used of html5 related technologies, jquery, css, javascript, canvas extensively, comet/websockets with socket.io, node.js for the server side, and couchdb for the database layer.

If you are interested in more details, you might like to look at some slides I have hosted on slideshare below.

For sometime I’ve also been thinking whether I should create a product with this, or to create an open source project around this. Since I’ve graduated from school, I’m likely to take on a job to repay my loan for my university’s tution fees. While I would really love to continue on this, I do not know how much I would be able to contribute to a open source if I decide on this. I welcome any comments you may have. :)