[geeknotes] Say Hi to Instant Barcodes

(This is repost of my facebook note dated 25 June 2010. Apparently there’s more notes to be imported, but maybe I’ll leave that for another time)

It seems to be ages since I last touched javascript but here’s a latest addition to my html 5 canvas experiments, a really simple (1d) barcode generator.

Type some words or numbers, and a barcode appears immediately (using the simple code 39 implementation without checksum- drawbacks, the not suitable for long data due to low density). Admire the barcodes, save it, otherwise artistically modify it (or have fun writing coded messages to each other).

To skip the talk and get to the action, see http://jabtunes.com/labs/bars.html

Barcode scanner on the android is a nifty cool feature.

Scanning my name. You could use it for telephone numbers too.

Yes it works.

Lastly here’s a barcode if you’d like some practice.

Goodnight :)

p.s. tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera (barcodes without text for IE). Javascript lovers, the html file is self contained (except for jquery). Use/hack as you like

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