[geeknotes] Now, Have you met.. Instant QR Codes?

(Imported from my facebook note dated Monday, 28 June 2010 at 01:37)

This is a follow up to my previous geek note “Say Hi to Instant Barcodes”. The quick story here: nothing too fanciful, just a simple html 5 mashup for instant qrcodes using javascript, jquery, and Kazuhiko Arase qrcode jscode. See http://jabtunes.com/labs/qrcode.html


The advantage for using QRCode over my previous barcode generator is that this 2d barcode packs more information in it, specifically for this mashup implementation, 119 binary characters with 30% recovery rate (using up to QR Code version 10, can be much more if we can implement till version 40). Think of it as maybe, twitter on a picture!

A picture can tell a hundred words, and this tiny qrcode does store a hundred characters.

Yes, the barcode scanner on android works with 2d barcodes.

And I think this is also a good way to send urls, telephone numbers and other contact to each other. With a lack of a standard vcard or bluetooth protocol, I think qrcodes should work much better!

Feedbacks would be great! and yes, you can download some codes and send me messages in QR Codes! Goodnight! :)

p.s. Tested on all modern browsers (& ie9 beta) except mobile browsers (pls let me know if it works!).