Twitter Timeline Updated

In my previous post Timeless Belt Of Time: How I Integrated Twitter in Timeline, I posted the code for laying out twitter posts on the timeline.

Previously that was done by calling the json Twitter API. It work well for the current 20 status but the archive call (80 posts) didn’t work. I filed a bug report at Twitter, but when I last check again 3 days ago, it was still not working.

To implement a workaround for archives, I modified my server side php code to get the XML format. SimpleXML was used for parsing the xml, then since my server didn’t support json, I use the json library from pear php.

Here’s the updated code for download.

Recently, I have a regain interest in adobe products, namely flash lite and flex. My first flash lite app is a Metronome, and maybe I might post it if I polish it up.