Design My Bedroom with Simple 3D

Ever wanted to re-design your bedroom on your computer?

IKEA Kitchen Planner is a free and easy software to plan your kitchen and furnishing. At Jordan’s Furniture you could use their online flash software to design your room layout with different furnitures.

There are perhaps 1001 commercial 3D products out there (a friend recently recommended SolidWorks), but for free, open source 3d software, a list has always been blender 3d, povray etc.

This time, I tried out Google’s free 3D software, SketchUp. The last time, I used 3DS max, so relatively SketchUp looks simple and lacking, and it took me some time to adjust using its interface, shortcuts, so on. It wouldn’t take long to find out that this software could do alot (like almost all 3d software, limited only by imagination), if only you knew how. Before you could unleash its power, most users would properly want to view its guides or online video tutorials to get started.

I always relate 3d modeling to molding or sculpturing, but SketchUp is unique with its powerful Pencil tool, which makes modeling 3d like drawing. It could switch between and many different views easily, and here are some renders I have done of my room today.

My Room

Plain Top View

Bedroom Plan with X-Ray Drawing View

Coloured Perspective

View At the Door

Computer Generated Sketches Style

Autocad Style


Textured view

In real life…

Messed Room Photo

Not so simple or neat :X

Anyway there’s a discussion on 3D software for home planning, and as one user has pointed out, the best method perhaps is still pencil and paper.

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