Ubuntu Customisation & Tweaks Part I – Documentation

When I first planned to run Ubuntu 6.10 “Edgy Eft”, many reviews on the net showed that not everyone is happy, some whom might think its not edgy enough, some who had their systems broken because they tried to upgrade.

Remember one of my reason I installed Ubuntu? The nature of Ubuntu and its community makes it easy to use, customise and repair the system.

Part 1 of this series is on Reading Guides, Documentations and Experiences

1. Here are 2 pretty good (if not the best) links to get started with

A good guide on customizing Ubuntu and its many software

A good tutorial on tweaking your Eft Ubuntu to make it more Edgy

More Readings:
Article about improving Ubuntu speed
Nice recommendation of applications and tweaks
Customisation Guide Link for Dapper
Another Speed improvement guide
More Speed Improvement related stuff

2. Next are the important hangout sites

So far, I have found almost every problem to be answered and solved in Ubuntu Forums.

In wanting to find out and learn in greater detail, with excellent examples, I found Gentoo‘s and ArchLinux’s wiki documentation to be superb in almost every topic, perhaps because they are linux distros targeted towards more advanced users.

3. More help sources

Hang out at IRC, and browse through newsgroups, mailing lists, forums & blogs will help up alot

Asking your own shell is great way to learn. “man command“, “command –help | less“, “help command” can’t be less helpful.

Not forgetting a very good friend Google whether to troubleshoot or a look up a topic. Just search “Ubuntu problems“, “Ubuntu error message” or “Ubuntu topic” would usually give very specific solutions and guidance to what you need.


As you may know, the term RTM– Read the (Friendly) Manual, is often given to those who expects others to help them, but don’t help themselves by reading up first.

So, happy reading.

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