Spot the difference for Spell Check Engine



Can you see the difference? What is the change?

Suprise, suprise..

Now my live ajax spell checker is linked to Google’s spellcheck webservice thanks to many of the webmonkeys (Chris meller, PhotoMatt, Chris meller, and many others) out there. (don’t worry, you can still use aspell engine if you want to)

I have also merge changes from Garrison Locke’s latest ajax spellchecker v2.2.

What are you waiting for, try out the new features of the my live ajax spell checker.

I’m missing my zZzzZz lately.. gotta go!!

12 thoughts on “Spot the difference for Spell Check Engine

  1. I’ve been looking at exactly the same kind of concept, but as a module for Drupal. I admit that the interface that you use here like Gmail is an improvement over the dropdowns I use.

    Unfortunately, the suggestions made by Google’s spellchecker (or any spellchecker) can not always contain the word you want. There needs to be a way of letting the user type whatever they want somewhere.

  2. Hi david, I agree with you. For now what users can do is ignore the suggestions, and resume editing when they come to this situation.

  3. Cool. My host just deleted aspell so I was looking around for an alternative..

    I like the setup a lot. My first thought of what it could use is a way for the user to add their own words (personal dictionary, that is).

    I also noticed that the plugin expects the spell_checker directory to be located under /wp-content/plugins while the plug-in guidelines state that supporting files should be located under /wp-content. It just threw me for a loop for a second when I went to install it.

    I haven’t used it much yet here, but from the looks of it, it may be rather slow at checking anything over a paragraph or two. Perhaps if it cached the words it looks up it could run faster. (though I know nothing of it’s inner workings as of now)

  4. Lucas

    Sorry I didnt notice plugin guidelines eariler. It seemed to me that plugins that dump their files into the plugin folder was much easiler to install.

    Its slow now because the php script makes multiple calls to the webservice for each word. The script is supposed to be able just to make a single call, but I have not figure out how to do that yet.

    Thanks for your comments.

  5. I like this plugin, and I think it’s a great idea, I am however having a little trouble with it. Whenever I use the check while typing mode, it starts marking all (or most of) the words as misspelled. I toyed with the config.php and tried enabling and disabling the Google service but no luck. Any idea what might be going on?

  6. wel i installed it in my plugin directory , and put the spell_checker directory in my plugin directory,
    when i activated the plug in i get this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /home/absueman/domains/ on line 123

    i i whent and look at the script don’t see anything there i need to fix , can i be helped here ???

  7. I followed the instruction to the “copy into” point. It doesn’t do anything in WordPress when I’m in Write mode, which is the only place I’d be using it. So how do I “activate” it and what would I modify in config.cs?

    And just thinking…. when these plugins are offered up, of course its always appreciated, but a little less assumption that everyone can read the software writers mind and a lot more in the way of installation instructions would really be a great help.

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