PhotoZip, Live SpellCheck Plugin Updates

My PhotoZip and Ajax Spellcheck plugins are updated!

PhotoZip now allow you to view your image folders on the server, delete them, or insert them into the posts again. In case the javascript for inserting to the post box don’t work, a textarea with the htmlcode is created so you can copy and paste the code from the textarea.

Ajax Spellcheck now uses Emil’s DHTML(&Rich Text) Spellchecker. Now words are spell checked while you type! For demonstration purposes, (to know how it works), try on this site.

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Writing plugins are pretty fun for now.. but I guess I wont be able be easy to commit time and effort (time will tell soon – playing with plugins by others would be enough to tire me out). Although I always have lots of ideas, and perhaps to fullfill them would be to code them myself, I should learn how to live with constraints and be satisfied with what I have too.